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# Post Date: 17 Mar 2019

I searched the internet for this logo for 15 minutes. I feel like 15 minutes on the internet is about a thousand years worth of research in the nineties.

In Homewood there used to be a restaurant named Snack Shack. It was a grill. It was really good. They had a few arcade games. The main thing I recall is they put little sugar eyeballs on their ice cream cones. I also recall my mom ordered the taco salad every time we ate there. I’m sure older people from the area have more well formed memories, but I don’t.

This restaurant went out of business in that aforementioned decade. My brother had a keychain with their logo on it, this I know. So, for the sake of internet I recreated the logo.

Original snack shack logo from keychain redrawn snack shack logo vector version
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