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# Snack Shack
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# Post Date: 17 Mar 2019

I searched the internet for this logo for 15 minutes. I feel like 15 minutes on the internet is about a thousand years worth of research in the nineties.

In Homewood there used to be a restaurant named Snack Shack. It was a grill. It was really good. They had a few arcade games. The main thing I recall is they put little sugar eyeballs on their ice cream cones. I also recall my mom ordered the taco salad every time we ate there. I’m sure older people from the area have more well formed memories, but I don’t.

This restaurant went out of business in that aforementioned decade. My brother had a keychain with their logo on it, this I know. So, for the sake of internet I recreated the logo.

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Original snack shack logo from keychain redrawn snack shack logo vector version
# Poop Parody
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# Post Date: 11 Mar 2019

Hi, When I was younger a lot of my jokes revolved around poop. My brothers, and friends wrote a number of poop parodies. This one is sung to the tune of “Wild Thing” by The Troggs.

Wild thing You make my heart fart You make everything… poopy

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# I Liked Nirvana When They Got Radio Popular
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# Post Date: 08 Mar 2019

A lot of popular nirvana songs were not original, especially from ‘Unplugged Live in New York’. I made a playlist of the covers I know.

Spotify Playlist Link

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# Cthulhu Sock Monkey
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# Post Date: 04 Mar 2019

A while back my son learned about Cthulhu from watching youtube videos. During this time I had been going through a sock monkey kick and decided to try and make one of my own. I’m very satisfied with the results. No pattern used.

ADVICE TO HUMANS: Lovecraft’s writing in “Call of Cthulhu” is very racist. If you want to enjoy this story, you must first mentally divorce the ignorant sentiment of the time from the art.

ADVICE TO PARENTS: If you’re going to attempt to read this story to children, you must be prepared for racist language, and censor the story before exposing your children to insensitive language.

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Cthulhu Sock Monkey Front Cthulhu Sock Monkey Back An artists visual representation of the Elder God Cthulu. A sketch of a statuette depicting Cthulhu, drawn by his creator, H. P. Lovecraft.
# Child Dictation
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# Post Date: 03 Mar 2019

magical bob





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# Macro Snow Sesh: Day
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# Post Date: 02 Mar 2019

Snow shots, but in sunlight.

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snowflake 1 snowflake 2 snowflake 3 snowflake 4 snowflake 5 snowflake 6 snowflake 7 snowflake 8 snowflake 9 snowflake 10 snowflake 11 snowflake 12 snowflake 13 snowflake 14 snowflake 15 snowflake 16 snowflake 17 snowflake 18 snowflake 19 snowflake 20 snowflake 21
# Macro Snow Sesh: Night
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# Post Date: 01 Mar 2019

Evening photography is very challenging for macro photography.

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snowflake 2 snowflake 3 snowflake 5 snowflake 6 snowflake 7 snowflake 9 snowflake 10 snowflake 11
# Pizza At Our Place
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# Post Date: 18 Feb 2019

Attached: is my desktop background in college. I've loved it forever, but lost it for ages. I recently found it again

Artist credit to Christina DeLong

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Two Dragons Enjoying Pizza Dinner!!
# First Roblox Post
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# Post Date: 17 Feb 2019

Roblox is an insane game platform

Roblox describes itself as "a massively multiplayer online game creation platform that allows users to design their own games".

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Bone Breaker IV Screenshot | 71 Broken bones | 88 Sprains | 2 Dislocated Joints
# First Real Post
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# Post Date: 16 Feb 2019

first post - experimentation

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Picture of Killer Bob from the TV show 'Twin Peaks' (my name is Bob)
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